Ghana Greentech Academy (GGA)

In 2014 we established the Ghana Greentech Academy to invest in the education, livelihoods and empowerment of the Mim Community. To learn more visit the GGA website HERE.



We have a fierce commitment to sustainability and environmental impact. We’ve found a number of innovative ways of reducing waste and upcycling our organisation’s byproducts:
● From the cashew apples harvested as a byproduct of cashew farming, we produce cashew apple juice and cashew apple brandy
● During the Covid19 pandemic we began recycling the ‘heads’ created by our alcohol distillation process, we make medical grade hand sanitizer for local clinics and hospitals
● We are working towards a circular economy approach for our sugarcane production, looking to recycle the bagasse of juiced sugarcane, to power our furnaces and fertilise our sugarcane crop with distillation waste products