Our Home 

We are one of West Africa’s leading cashew nut producers, located on the border between Ghana’s tropical rainforest and savannah. . 

We are proud to grow cashew nuts and sugarcane from our own certified organic farm, spanning 1,880 acres of lush land.  

A proportion of our land is protected forestry. Ghana has lost over 60% of its rainforest in recent years, “the highest percentage of rainforest loss of any tropical country”. Though facing daily challenges from illegal loggers, we take our responsibility for protecting the planet extremely seriously, consistently exploring innovative initiatives to disincentive deforestation and reduce waste.

Our Factory

We are home to a factory with the capacity to process more than 600 tons raw nuts per year. Until 2020, we were processing our nuts through a 13 step process over 9 days to prepare delicious cashews for the global market. Due to a challenging global value chain for the cashew nut industry, we decided to divert our energies to cashew and sugarcane farming exclusively.