Our Dream  

Mim Cashew and Agricultural Products, Ltd. produces high quality cashew nut kernels, grown and processed in Mim, Ghana.

Mim Cashew is located just outside Mim town, in the Brong Ahafo region in Mid-Western Ghana. The Mim population consists of roughly 30,000 people. Mim Cashew employs approximately 300 people.


The project derives from the Wallevik family's fundamental wish to participate in the process of developing the potential that they saw in Ghana, where patriarch Paul Wallevik lived from 1957 to 1974 and founded his career in the furniture business. He saw great possibilities in Mim, where the abundance of timber off-cuts from the large local sawmill, Mim Timber, allowed for a sustainable production of high quality furniture components. With the establishment of the factory Scanstyle Mim Ltd. in 1967 Paul Wallevik created a succesful export business transforming local raw materials into high value products. Paul was married and started a family in Ghana, and had a great desire to live and expand his business in the country that he loved. He was, however, forced to abandon his dream and leave Ghana in 1974, during one of its most turbulent and politically instable periods. Nevertheless, Paul's heart still beats for the Ghanaian people and culture, as well as the development of this beautiful country.

This dream has been passed on to his oldest son, Lars, who in 2007 made a first return trip to Ghana since the family left in 1974, to investigate how he could help Paul fulfill his dream of establishing a project in Ghana. Paul and Lars’ intention is to create long term income sources and good employment through value adding activities locally in Ghana. Originally, Lars went to look at the old Scanstyle factory, with the idea of establishing timber plantations, to help replenish Ghana's declining forest reserves. As fate would have it, the property across the road was for sale, and caught Lars' attention. It was in fact, an already established cashew plantation with a small scale processing factory, in need of new ownership after the untimely death of the charismatic and iconic owner, Desmond Charmant. A second visit in December 2007 set the ball rolling, and on December 30th Lars made a Western Union transfer of $180 and 15 laborers were hired that day.

Today, the Wallevik dream is being manifested, with a production that is world renowned for quality and reliability.