Cashew Production 

We are proud to produce cashew nut kernels from our own certified organic plantation, spanning across 1880 acres of unique land on the border between tropical rainforest and savannah. 

Our processing factory currently has the capacity to process more than 600 tons raw nuts per year. We source raw cashew nuts primarily  from our own plantation and within  Ghana. 

Due to the complexity of the raw nut, the process of sorting, shelling, peeling and grading the raw cashew nut is time consuming and labour intensive. The skill and dedication of each individual employee has a significant impact on both quality and productivity within the factory.

The Process

Our cashew kernels are vacuum packed and a large percentage are exported to European and North American retailers. A smaller portion of the kernels are sold locally.

Watch an informational video on cashew processing by the ComCashew here.

Sizes and qualities

We process cashew nut kernels of different sizes and qualities. The whole cashew nut kernels are divided in to 5 different sizes and qualities; Whole Whites (WW) 450, 320, 240, 210, 180, the latter being the biggest. The most common sizes are the WW 320 and the WW 240. The broken kernels are divided in to butts, splits, chips, large white pieces (LWP) and small white pieces (SWP). 

Production facts

The process starts with sorting. The raw nuts are sorted in a specially designed machine. After that the raw nuts are steamed and dried in an open area for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours, depending on atmospheric humidity. The raw nuts are then shelled in accordance with the different nut sizes. After shelling, the cashew kernels are peeled, and then graded again according to the different sizes. Finally, they are vacuum packed in bags of 22.68 kg (50 lbs) each.